Кем работали дети в 19 веке

Кем работали дети в 19 веке

  • Детей заставляли работать с ранненго утра до поздней ночи, и они шли на работу как взрослые. Они выполняли самую сложную работу . Особенно трудной была работа у станков по изготовлению оружия. России необходима была победа!!! Поэтому дети работали.

    Children were made to work from early morning till night. They went to work as adults. They had the most difficult and heavy work. Especially it was difficult to work at machines to produce weapon. Russia need a victory. That is why children helped.

небольшой текст о Москве

небольшой текст о Москве

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia and the most populous city in the country.Founded in 1147 on the Moskva River by Prince Yury Dolgoruky, the city grew rapidly and in the 16th century moscow was made the capital of the country by Tsar ivan the Terrible.

    Today moscow is the largest city in Europe and one of the largest cities in the world with the population of more than 10 million people.It is a major political, cultural, scientific, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre of Russia

    with the Kremlin is the centre of Moscow. These are the most popular tourist destinations. Red Square is the place for parades and big national and international concerts. .

    Moscow is a large educational centre with plenty of schools, colleges, institutes and universities. The biggest and most famous university is Moscow State University on the Vorobyuvy Hills.

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia. This city is very beautiful and wonderful. It has a lot of places to go to relaxing. In this city live a lot of people of many nationalities. I like this city!

Надо написать лист-скаргу на английском Купил нерабочий чайник примерно так

Надо написать лист-скаргу на английском Купил нерабочий чайник примерно так

  • Dear JasonOrder No. 1398I am writing regarding the consignment of tables we received to the above order yesterday. There seems to be a mistake in the order as we ordered light pine-finished tables not the heavy mahogany-finished units that were delivered.As I have firm orders for the tables I asked for, I would be grateful if you could send my consignment as soon as possible, and collect the wrongly delivered goods. Thank you very much in advance.Best regards,Jane LopezЭто образец жалобы по электронной почте партнеру, с которым вы хорошо знакомы.Такое подойдт?

Сочинение на тему компьютер моей жизни

Сочинение на тему компьютер моей жизни

  • I want to admit that modern technology play gret role in our life and we have to follow then to be more smart and also it is open to us new ways of studying.

    Speaking about computers I want to say that it has many advantages and disadvantages. Today you can find everything in Internet. Information, different games it s also hepl us to stay in touch with people why live far away from us.

    But it can affecr on our helth. First of all it so-called gamers who spend a lot of time just playing in games and forgot about real word about family. They offen eat behind screen so it afferct on they shape in bad way.

    It also affect on our eyes. Most of people who work for a long time use to wear glasses.

    We have to think about all advanteges and disadvanteges and care about our life.

правила для учеников и учителей

правила для учеников и учителей

  • Rules for pupils (Правила для учеников):

    All pupils should wear school uniforms.

    Pupils have to keep good discipline.

    Pupils are not aloowed to:

    have pocket knives at school,

    have cigarettes or matches at school,

    bring bubble gum to school.

    Pupils should come in class on time.

    Pupils should address a teacher by title and surname.

    Pupils should to be friendly to classmates.

    Pupils Have to be ready for class every day.

    Я думаю тебе столько хватит)))

    Rules for teachers (Правила для учителей):

    Teachers should me more friendly to pupils.

    Teachers have to teach very well.

    Teachers have to help for pupils.

    Ну думаю вот и вс)))

  • pupils must respect teachers.

    pupils must wear school uniform.

    pupils must go to school if they are not ill.

    pupils must do their homework.

    pupils mustnt use mobile telephones at school.

    pupils mustnt fight with each other.

    teachers must respect their students.

    teachers mustnt scream at the top of their voices.

    teachers must be rather close to their pupils.

    teachers mustnt give a lot of homework.

    teachers must know their subject very well.